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Three Reasons Why Scheduling Burdens Practices

The makers of Mavenlive exercise prescription software share three reasons why appointment scheduling can be a burden on physiotherapy practices. Continue reading

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Mavenlive Adds Enhancements To Improve Billing & Coding

Mavenlive exercise prescription software is making it easier for clinics to efficiently bill insurance companies for patient treatment. Continue reading

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Physical Therapists Can Benefit from CRM Tools, Too- Part One

Physical therapy assessment software acts as a customer relationship management tool for physical therapists, enabling them to have better interaction and follow-up with their patients. Continue reading

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Mavenlive Opens Silicon Valley Office

Prognition Corp., the makers of Mavenlive physical therapy software, opened an office in the Silicon Valley in February. Continue reading

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Mavenlive Integrates With HL7 Practice Management Systems

Mavenlive exercise software can integrate with any practice management business software, as long as the practice management system uses the health care standard of HL7. Continue reading

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Busting Some Myths of Cloud Computing

When considering physical therapy software, clinics might consider Mavenlive after learning about five myths of cloud computing that Prognition Corp., the makers of Mavenlive, have busted. Continue reading

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Take Advantage of Upgrade Incentives Through ARRA

Prognition Corp., the makers of Mavenlive physical therapy exercise software, suggests that physical therapy practices upgrade software so they can take advantage of incentives outlined in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. Continue reading

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Increasing Physical Therapy Exercise Software Customers in the United States

Prognition Corp. has been successful in introducing more American physical therapy clinics to Mavenlive exercise software. Continue reading

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